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Guru – Movie Review

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CineChiram Rating - 2.25



#Guru is a one time watchable and might end up as "Below Average" to "Average" venture.

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Guru –
As a remake of hit movie Irudhi Suttru/Saala Khadoos, #Guru has quite a good Expectations when it’s being Remade in Telugu with a Star Hero like Venkatesh. Let’s see how the movie is and the Technical aspects and how it might fare at Box Office.

Plot line – Story starts with Venkatesh(National Coach in Boxing) getting transferred to Vizag due to differences with his seniors and Nazar is his assistant coach in Vizag.Venky is desperate to give India a gold medal in World Championship as he can’t get one despite of his superb boxing capabilities prone to politics in Boxing federation.Venkatesh Finds Ramudu(Heroine Ritika) in a slum when she was fighting with rowdies and identifies the latent potential in her becoming a good boxer. Ritika’s sister is also a boxer who tries to get a police job in sports quota.Venky tries to make Ramudu(Ritika) a boxing champion and he approaches her saying he will pay 500 bucks per day if she comes for training.She accepts the offer and gets trained for boxing.Ritika is a very arrogant girl and won’t listen to anybody’s words.And then she will be taken along with her sister to National Selections and she will lose due to her arrogance.Meanwhile, her sister will win and joins the national training camp. Venky will get furious and scolds Ritika. But, he stills believes in her capabilities and will come to her home and asks her to take to Hisar for another national competition. Her family will agree after a little bit of contemplation. So, Again Ritika goes for national selections. This time her sister doesn’t likes Venky giving Ritika too much of attention than her and she will injure Ritika’s hand wantedly before the competition and Ritika will again lose. Interval Bang will be Venky Becoming much more Furious Venky will scold Ritika and her to go home.

Second Half is all about How Ritika approaches Venky again and wins the Gold Medal despite chief National Coach who doesn’t like Venky,Ritika and Asking Venky to resign before the finals of tournament as a revenge for Venky slapping him previously in one of the previous tournaments.

Venky is apt as Head coach with his rugged natural look. Ritika did a good job as boxer and Tom Boy. Nasser is okay Assistant coach giving his trademark comedy touch. All the other actors like Raghu Babu and character artists did their best given the scope of their roles.

Technical Aspects :
Music By Santosh Narayanan is okay with O Sakkanoda being an ear worm. Photography is good. Editing is not Upto the mark and not crisp. Coming to Direction, Sudha Kongara did a good Job in 1st half with a good blend of Comedy,Emotion,Action but completely lost the plot in 2nd Half with a very boring screenplay. As the climax is quite evident, she should have at least made it interesting in 2 nd half which she didn’t do and the magic of sports movies like “Dangal” is surely missing in #Guru.

#Guru is a one time watchable and might end up as “Below Average” to “Average” venture.


One Line review: Boxing lovers and Sports enthusiasts might connect to the film



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