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5 things that are better in Baahubali 2 when compared to part 1

Baahubali has now become a brand in Indian Cinema. Watching Baahubali is now a status. The craze is very high that people know every small detail in the movie. Keeping that in mind we have compiled a list that has betterments than part one

  1. The Bull

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We are not new to the graphics. Thanks to the Hollywood that introduced world’s best graphics to us. We have Telugu movies like Ammoru, Anji in the past that have good graphics as well. Even TV serials have good graphics now. Everyone who watched Ballaladeva’s bull fight in Baahibali part one thought that the beast should’ve rendered better. Maybe Rajamouli have got audience feedback, and this time in Baahubali 2 the beast has been made well, and it looks good.

      2. Movie titles

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We don’t have much importance when coming to the film titles. Sometimes people will forget how the movie titles even started. But when movie titles are good then people will remember them. Movie titles will get the audience ready for the film if well designed. We have movies like Mirrors, 100% love where the Movie titles are well played. In Baahubali 2 to titles are designed well. We can remember this titles for a long time due to the beauty, and the details that are provided .

     3. Humor

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Baahubali 1 is far-reaching and has some gripping screenplay and ended with a question like why “kattappa killed Baahubali.” Routine commercial Telugu comedy is not there, and we are very glad about that of course. In part 2 we have good comedy in the first half in a convenient way. Since Baahubali and Kattappa are leading two words that will come to mind when we talk about the epic. Director thought that he could make a comedy with Kattappa and people who were very much acquaintance with the character well received this initiative. Kattappa single-handedly managed the comedy scenes in the first half of second part.

     4. Well adoptions

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Those who have watched movies like star dust and Game of Thrones will identify some similarities to Baahubali especially part 2. The Hamsa nava song is well picturised and well needed in the first half for the love of audience who are fond of fantasy. The song is well picturised and has top notch imaginations. In Stardust movie also have the similar ship. Likewise, there is a Door that has some good scene capabilities. In the climax, Bhallaladeva closes this door for Mahendra Baahubali. This Door is similar to that of Door compared to game of thrones and

     5. Dhandalayya song

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The only place where people remember Keeravani is Dhandalayya song. The song will give goose bumps to every music lover and give enough elevations to the scene where Baahubali sacrifices his throne.

Well friends lets know what you think about the betterments in the comments.




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