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Keshava – Movie Review

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CineChiram Rating - 2.7



The movie story is interesting and predictable in parts. Except cinematography and Nikhil, Vennela kishore performance its failed to reach expectations set by First Look posters.

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Nikhil Siddarth, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar, Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, Sudarshan, Madhu Nandan, Priyadarshi

Its a story about how hero takes revenge.


Nikhil look is changed for this film. He looks like an introvert with a suspicious looks. He carried his body language as a person who takes revenge. The child characters who played keshava also looked like Nikhil. Thats a plus. He did his best to the role of keshava.

Ritu Varma:

Ritu varma not very beafutiful in the movie due to the role may be. Some times she even looked bad. She have some importance in the film and have some dialogues to take part in the story. Thanks to the director , he didn’t put lots of songs in the film due to the story restrictions.

Vennela Kishore:

Vennela kishore is the one we will be talking about once the movie completed. He did different kind of comedy from the routine. He let audience to laugh with his expressions only. Thats the impact he made.

Isha Koppikar:

Isha koppikar got some good role after many days in tollywood. She will seen in every frame after hero. She is apt for the intelligent police officer. Her character started will in first half but lost importance due to bad script and direction.

Rao Ramesh:

Rao ramesh some important role in this film and he did well in very important scends which heart for the film.

Ajay, Brahmaji , Raja Ravindra and Hero friends and Vennela kishore friends did their limited roles well.

Technical Aspects:-

Director: Sudheer Varma, New director has some good taste in thriller films and getting audience attention with movie poster. He imagined hero character well and able to glue audience with some good suspence. He got good grip on locations as well. All the locations in this film are very natural and seems like they have taken good care. He had good rappo with photographer . Its eveident from the good cinematography in the important scenes. But due to the bad script he have to adjust some important scenes in the film very to very ordinary.


After Vennela kishore we should and we will talk about Cinematographer Divakar. For a thriller and crime stories photography is very important due to the details we need to showcase to the audience sonthat they can be oart of the film. Divakar succeded in this aspect. There are some good areal shots where in the are in top not notch and considerate. We can see this in second murder(oops thats a spoiler).


Nusic director gave some good introductory score to hero in the film. He is able to catch those sound while we shove a knife into an object. He should have got those sad music better. overall Music by sunny is just ok.

What’s good: 
Vennela Kishore comedy is good. Areal shots in the film are excellent and sometimes raise eyebrows.

The mortuary scene is good where hero in his child searches his parents. The shot where attender cleans the bloody knife shot well.

In the second murder the low shot showing body and the police shot well.

Chasing scenes by bike around a bus and jeep in the film are very good . we have to watch these scenes. Nikhil performance is good.

What’s bad:
Direction and script. There are lots of illogical scenes in the film. They can be handled well but director lost grip on those scenes or he didn’t have tome concentrate on thise. Though the story looks promising director failed to concentrate on each and every scene.

He should answer why the police officer become very weak towards the end of the story. He didn’t took care of some important details. People should feel bad for protogonist and show empathy to him. Director not able to do that. Due to that people will lose concentration towards the revenge.

Music is not good. In revenge stories music is important in the scenes where directors revels the reason for revenge. But people won’t feel that empathy towards progonist loss.

How it should’ve been made:
When we announce Quintin Torantino in the film titles audience will expect some good quntin torontono. Except introducing story in chapters and introduction knife blood scene(mortuary), we didn’t find such scenes. Its appreciable though.

The scene where hero and specialist police officer meets should’ve handled better. How cum police officer convince herself very easily that she got to a level where she can talk friendly with protogonist. Audience are not convinced . She need to go through lots of struggle and convince her self that she lose to hero. Director is not able to show this.

Sathya , female progonist did some wonders which are not natural in this film. First director should show why she is very capable of doing very important things in the film with very ease. There is no scope to assume that heroine can do these wonders. Audience will not convince when heroines do some jailbreaks with ease. First there should be some foundation is needed for these scenes.

In the first murder the victim shirt will have very less blood in the wrong place, though we can see the stabber making great impact by the knife. They should show enough blood to create some atmosphere.

No one will just simply say to a kid to not to come into mortuary.

They should show scenes where hero actually falls in love with heroine.

Heroine always concentrates on heros actions but says she is in love from child. Sometimes dialogues will not convince audience there should be some scenes.

Screenplay purposefull revealed some importance about hero murdering style.

The scene where hero friend takes hero to the doctor is not needed. It will cause confusion to the audience.

In a current scenario police are not weak. The should have shown that. But didn’t. Its evident in the scene where Subordinate orders specialist officer to release captured Keshav. When you are showing crime naturally scenes and logic should come natural.

Final verdict: The movie story is interesting and predictable in parts. Except cinematography and Nikhil, Vennela kishore performance its failed to reach expectations set by First Look posters.

One Line Re(view): ” Don’t Judge the movie by First Look posters”



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