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Central Minister Venkayya Naidu Watches Ghazi Movie at Prasad lab

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Multifaceted personality and Central Minister Venkaiah Naidu watched Ghazi at a special screening arranged today in Hyderabad. He spoke to media briefing his experience:
“Ghazi is a motivating, inspiring and very educative film for Indian youth to learn about patriotism, commitment to national security. This is a very serious movie and at the same time interesting because it depicted the history of 1971 Indo Pak war wherein our soldiers showed their might and defeated Pakistan. 
This picture is demonstrative, illustrative giving many insights into the war and what happened during those times. I am a student of Visakhatapanm and it was exciting to know the story of INS Vikrant and PNS Ghazi. 
The younger generation should know about history and feel proud of our soldiers. This is the powerful message in picture and the heroism displayed by our actors is also beautiful. In spite of being historic, director Sankalp added fiction and made the movie more interesting. 
All the Indians should see this picture to remember the 1971 war. Such pictures are very much necessary to know about separatist forces, particularly when our neighbors are aiding, funding and training the terrorism to create tension and stop India from becoming a powerful, prosperous Nation by weakening our country. 
Indian people should be united and inspired remembering the heroic acts of soldiers sacrificing their lives for integrity and unity of country. 
I personally feel, we should think about Nation first forgetting caste, creed, religion and region because many forces will try to influence us for political mileage. 
I congratulate the team and will try spreading word of mouth to my co- politicians in New Delhi to watch the movie as there is also Hindi version. All the actors and technicians who worked on this film need to be lauded. Congratulations to producer Prasad V Potluri.   
It is very sad to hear about the killing of our Telugu engineer Kuchibhotla Srinivas in the USA on the reasons of racism and hate. My deep condolences to his entire family and our leader Sudhma Swaraj is in touch, consulting with US officers in transporting the mortal remains.     
Producer Prasad V Potluri was also present with Venkaiah Naidu while screening the film.




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