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Ishan Will Become A Big Star In South India – Puri

‘Rogue’ is a romantic love story starring Ishan, Mannara Chopra, Angelina Directed by Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh with a tag-line ‘Maro Chantigaadi Prema Katha’. Dr C.R. Manohar, C.R Gopi combinely producing this film in Tanvi Films banner. Recently released First Look, Teaser of ‘Rogue’ have garnered tremendous response. Everyone is impressed with the handsome looks of Ishan in stills and posters. Ishan who looks like a hollywood hero is a Telugu boy. Trailer of ‘Rogue’ was launched in a grand event at Novotel, Hyderabad on March 1st. Producer C.R. Manohar launched Telugu Trailer while Star Comedian Ali launched Kannada version’s trailer. Director Puri Jagannadh, Heroines Mannara Chopra, Angelina, Music Director Sunil Kashyap, Lyricist Bhaskarabhatla, Cameraman Mukesh, Editor Junaid Siddique, Fight Master Venkat, Art Director Johnny Shaik, P.R.O B.A. Raju graced the event.
Music Director Sunil Kashyap says, ” I Thank Puri sir for giving me this oppurtunity to compose music for ‘Rogue after ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ and ‘Loafer’. Songs cameout very good. Audio will be out very soon. Everyone will love this film. Lovers will enjoy the film the most.”
Star Comedian Ali says, ” Puri’s characterisation of hero is very different in his every film. He designed Ishan’s character in a unique way. Ishan who looks like a Hollywood hero is our Telugu boy. He is also very talented. I know how much Puri loved this film. Sunil Kashyap gave very good music and Bhaskarabhatla penned good lyrics. Thanks to Producer C.R. Manohar and Puri Jagannadh for giving me this oppurtunity.” 
Producer C.R. Manohar says, ” When I asked Puri Jagannadh to launch my brother as hero, he immediately agreed and asked me to come to listen the story that day evening itself. I felt very happy at that moment. I handed our Ishan to him. He treated Ishan like his son and made a wonderful film, ‘Rogue’. Puri Jagan introduced many Heroes who became stars. I seek audience and industry people’s blessings to Ishan who is being introduced with ‘Rogue’. Ours is a joint family with 30 members living together. Ishan is my uncle’s son. My father loves Ishan very much. Our entire family watched this film and everyone loved it. Directors, Producers, Heroes of Kannada industry watched some songs, clips from ‘Rogue’  and everyone appreciated the work. Vijayendraprasad hugged Ishan after watching some scenes, songs from the film and he blessed Ishan by saying that he will become a big star. He appreciated my decision of introducing Ishan in Puri Jagan’s direction. He also said that he will do a film with ishan very soon. I will forever indebted to Puri Jagannadh for making such a good film. Puri said that he will make three more films with Ishan. he is also planning to launch Ishan in Bollywood.If they like the film telugu audience will love like anything. I hope they will love and bless Ishan. I Thank Charmy Kaur is who is taking extra care for promoting the film. She is encouraging a lot of new talent through ‘Puri Connects’.  Sunil Kashyap gave extra ordinary music. Bhaskarabhatla provided very good lyrics. Mukesh did a great work with camera in capturing excellent visuals. Ali’s comedy track is hilarious.”
Heroine Angelina says, ” Heroines who introduced by Puri Jagan sir reached great heights. I feel lucky to work in his direction. Ishan will become a superstar.”
Another Heroine Mannara Chopra says, ” Puri Jagannadh gave me this oppurtunity after selecting me in audition. This is the first film i committed in telugu. Thanks to Puri sir for giving me this oppurtunity. Ishan is such a nice person and lovely human being. Lovers will love this film.”
Dashing Director Puri Jagannadh says, ” I made a lovestory after a gap. More than the film i got more excited after i met Ishan. He is a perfect hero material with good looks, height and moreover with a very good screen presence. Producer Manohar asked me to introduce Ishan. Ishan is blessed to have a brother like Manohar. He was very shy during his first day of shoot which was a romantic song. Later he gets involved in the role and did a great work. While we were shooting in abroad many people there called him ‘Amitabh’. They even took selfies with him. Ishan made many fans even before the release. At the moment, Wikipedia may not have Ishan’s name but very soon in Google will show his name along with a tag ‘A Big Star In India’. Sridevi garu felt very happy when Raghavendra Rao  garu introduced her. At the same time Raghavendra Rao garu also feel very happy that he got to introduce such a star like Sridevi. Likewise I am feeling very happy to introduce Ishan. With my experience I can say that Ishan will emerge as a big Star. Film came out very well. I showed the film to hundred people and everyone liked Ishan within 5 minutes into the film. Manohar,Ishan’s family members loved the film. I am very happy about it. Mannara, Angelina are beautiful in the film. Thakur Anoop Singh did the role of villain. New team did a great job. Sunil Kashyap provided superb music. ‘Rogue’ will introduce a big star.”
Hero Ishan says, ” The main reason for standing me here today is my Mom, Dad and My Uncle. I am very much attached to my family as ours is a big joint family. I missed my family when i went for the shoot of first schedule. But, Puri sir gave me a very good family. Everyone looked after me with love and care. I am not able to stand here without my brother Manohar. Real hero for ‘Rogue’ is my brother Manohar. I don’t know how to thank him. I am blessed to have such a family and hope their wishes will always be with me. I was trained for one year under Satyanand garu in Vizag. When i returned home due to some reasons in the middle of my acting course, Puri sir and my brother Manohar motivated me alot. Now I understand why they wanted me to join film industry. I got connected to Puri sir. I am very excited to get introduced  in Puri Jagan’s direction. I thank each and everyone who worked for this film. Mukesh garu showed me very good in every scene.Comedy scenes with Ali garu came out very well. He encouraged me and we enjoyed doing those scenes. I feel lucky to act with senior actors for my first film. Sunil Kashyap gave great music. Venkat master composed superb stunts. Bhaskarabhatla gave memorable lyrics. I watched the film 4 times. I connected with Puri sir while he narrating the script itself. Being a Star Director he took such a good care and guided me every day. Those who watched the film is appreciating me that I did a very good job like it’s my 3rd or 4th film. Entire credit goes to Puri Jagan. I will be forever indebted to Puri sir for giving me a great launch.”  



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