Monday , May 10 2021

Tamil movie “Sila Samayangilil” has been selected for the H.F.P.As 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Proud moment Tamil movie “Sila Samayangilil” has been selected for the H.F.P.As 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. As we all know, it’s a prestigious American accolade bestowed by 93 members of the Hollywood foreign press association (HFPA) recognizing excellence in film and television.The South Indian movie “Sila Samayangilil” was directed by National Award Winner Mr. Priyadarshan and the lead character was played by Prakash Raj one among the great actors of Indian cinema and a National Awardee. Sila Samayangilil is the only Indian film among the ten international films selected for 74th Golden Globe Awards.
It is a moment of pride that Indian movie was chosen among the 5 out of 10 films selected to be screened in Golden Globe Awards, scheduled for 6th October 7pm at Real D screening room with the title “Sometimes” was well appreciated and applauded  by the judges and viewers. Director Priyadarshan and the lead actor, Prakash Raj graced the screening with their presence.The internationally praised movie was produced by Vijay and Ganesh.
On the other side, “Mana Oori Ramayanam” Telugu- Kannada bilingual directed by Prakash Raj was released with a positive talk today, and it is receiving an overwhelming response in overseas. Prakash Raj n Priyamani played the lead roles in the film.
All these can’t happen without the support of film critics, websites, and social media channels..thanks a lot for your tremendous support given in spreading the news and making the movie a super success



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