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Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo (SSS) – Movie Review

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CineChiram Rating - 2.5



This movie is a romantic thriller. The first half is really good with a fresh love story. Apart from the continuous songs in the first half you wouldn't feel anything bad in the movie. The second half is completely suspense thriller with no songs and it has a weak climax which too far from the reality. So overall it is a one time watchable for this weekend with awesome music.

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    After the success of premam chaitu is back with a romantic thriller Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo. As the music is already hit, let’s see whether the magic of Gautham Menon has worked or not.


    The movie starts with Naga Chaitanya voice over describing his story. Chaitu is a cool guy living with his family in Vizag. He chills out with his friends and leads a happy life. Chaitu sister’s friend Leela( Manjima Mohan) comes to his house where he falls in love with her at first sight. Then he comes to know that Leela is going to stay with her sister in their house. Then slowly Chaitu starts talking to Leela and daily the routine continues. One day he talks about a trip to Kanyakumari on his bike. He shares all his feelings with his friends especially Mahesh(Rakendu Mouli), his best friend whom he planned the trip with him. So suddenly on the day of trip Leela comes to Chaitu and says that she also want to go on a road trip with him on the bike. Now the journey starts where they go to Kanyakumari for sunrise, and in return to Leela’s house they meet with an accident where Chaitu is admitted to a hospital, and when he woke up, he can’t see Leela. He then calls his friend Mahesh. Now the story takes a diversion. Chaitu gets a phone call from Leela where he comes to know that her mother and father are attacked by some strangers and were in a critical condition. Chaitu and Mahesh immediately meet Leela and there he saves her from two strangers who tried to kill Leela. Now enters the police officer Namath( Baba Sehgal), and inquiries about the situation. From now onwards every part of the story is a suspense thriller. Why Leela’s parents were attacked. Why everyone is trying to kill Leela and even the police department is also helping them. What happens to Chaitu and how faces all these problems. Did he solved them or nor? If you need answers to all these questions, you have to watch the movie on the big screen only.


    Naga Chaitanya: – I can do so only one thing Chaitu has completely nailed it. His acting in the first half as a lover boy is excellent. There are two shades in his character. First half as a lover boy and in the second half in an important character with emotions. Those who are the haters of Chaitu can watch this movie and judge him. He improved a lot and played his role just like that. No doubt he is the main plus for the movie. Chaitu proved that Akkineni is meant especially for the love stories. The way he portrayed his character shows that how much maturity he showed in his acting. Chaitu did complete Justice to his role.

    Manjima Mohan: – She is nice. Though she is not that much beautiful her acting made her look pretty. As Chinmayi has dubbed for her voice, we can surely listen to her while she is performing. In the second half, she doesn’t have much to act but whatever she was made to do she did it well. It could be even better also in some love scenes. But overall her performance is OK.

    Rakendu Mouli: – We have to talk about this guy. Whether many of them know about him or not, he is a lyricist. Manasu palike song in Andala Rakshasi was written by him which is a famous song. Coming to his performance, he played the role of hero’s friend. In the first half, he is the reason where anyone gets smiles and laughs on their faces. Even in the songs, he had danced excellently. He has a good body language. His ease in the dance and acting will make to become a good actor if he gets any chances further.

    Baba Sehgal: – It’s good to see Baba Sehgal in this character. He played a negative police officer in this movie. He proved that he is not only good at singing, but he can act also. Though most of his dialogues are in Hindi, he didn’t face any problem in his dialogue delivery. He acted well in a negative shade. It will be nice if we see him in some other different roles.

    Technical aspects:-

    Gautham Menon: – We all know that how good he is. So he tried the romantic angle mixing with a thrilling concept. Most of the part he has directed well as the script work is not framed too good it looks like an OK movie. In the first half, he loves story us designed with some freshness, and the picturization of the songs will take you in a romantic angle. Coming to the second half, he made it entirely a suspense thriller with some fight sequences. We have no songs in the second half. But the climax is not directed well and disappoints most of the audience. But what we expect from the Gautam is presented in quite an excellent manner.

    Music: – AR Rahman is the music director of the film. His music and background score is superb. The songs are really good. Especially Vellipomakey song is the highlight of the movie and chakori song also is good. After many days we have listened the music of AR Rahman and he will not disappoint you. Though the second half have no songs he made it watch with his background score. Without any hesitation we can say that he is a big plus for the movie.

    DOP:- Dan MacArthur is the cinematographer for this movie. The scenes are like a portrait and like a painting. The places in the north and south of India are shown in a new way and in different angles where we can feel that we are watching a new place every time. He is good with his work.

    And other departments like Editing by Anthony and Stunts by Stunt Siva had done their part well.

    Dialogues by Kona Venkat are really good. As he is famous for the punch dialogues and comic dialogues in this movie he turns out to be a cool and romantic person which we can see that flowed from his pen. The dialogues are simple and really good. We haven’t seen Kona Venkat in this mode since many days. He made justice to the part he had been given.


    What’s good:-

    Naga Chaitanya is really good. He performed really well both in the first half and second half. The two shades were played with great ease. The love story in the first half has freshness and with good music and good songs it looks like a musical love story. Direction is good screenplay also good. AR Rahman one of the plus for the movie. All songs are good but some songs comes as background score. In second half some scenes with suspense and thrilling are nice.


    What’s bad:-

    Climax is the big minus of the film. It is too far from the reality. We know that movies are not made with logics but one can’t digest this climax. And also the second half have no songs at all. The story runs with fight sequences and chases. It looks like a slow track in the second half.


    What should have taken care

    So if there are some love scenes it could have been better, if not at least 1 or 2 songs should have been there. It would made the second half a little more exciting. The climax could have been better if the director have thought about some logic that audience could digest. In the first half the songs comes one by one immediately within less time and 2 songs are made as background score. Coming to second half most of the dialogues are told in English and Hindi. Though the story is running in another state the dialogues could have been told in Telugu also because no one likes to watch Telugu subtitles in a Telugu movie. So if the second half is as much beautiful as the first half this movie would have been another hit for Chaitu.

    Final verdict:-

    This movie is a romantic thriller. The first half is really good with a fresh love story. Apart from the continuous songs in the first half you wouldn’t feel anything bad in the movie. The second half is completely suspense thriller with no songs and it has a weak climax which too far from the reality. So overall it is a one time watchable for this weekend with awesome music.



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