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Shatamanam Bhavati – Movie Review

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CineChiram Rating - 2.5



This movie is the old wine in a new bottle. Though it can be one time watch but the story tests our patience and who are much involved with family sentiments and emotions may get connected with this movie. Specially this generation grandparents may face the situation shown in the movie. So for this Sankranti we cannot expect much from this movie as the Chiru and Balayya movies has got some positive response.

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Sharvanand, garuAnupama Parameswaran, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Naresh, Indraja


The movie starts with a village backdrop an old couple RGaru( Prakash Raju) and his wife Jayasudha living in a house lonely waiting for their children for so many years to a cone and visits them. But this time Jayasudha decides to go abroad to meet his kids if Raju Garu doesn’t invite them for this Sankranthi. So Raju garu sends mail to his two sons and daughter that they are applying for divorce and they should take care of their mother. After receiving the mail, all children of Raju garu decides to come and solve the problem of their parent’s divorce. Bangarau Raju( Naresh) father of Raju( Sharvanand) lives with Raju garu as he is his father’s brother. Raju cares so much about his grandparents and has great respect towards them. So finally Jayasudha’s daughter arrives India. Raju receives them and takes to their village Aatreypuram. Jayasudha’s daughter Indraja also has a daughter Nitya( Anupama Parameswaran). She gets attracted to the climate of the community and all the beautiful sceneries. Now the other two sons also arrive, and Jayasudha feels euphoric as the whole family is present. Now everyone tries to settle the issue of divorce, but their parents refuse to talk about it and say that we will discuss after the festival. So everyone decides to stay till the festival. Meanwhile, Nitya slowly develops her relationship towards Raju, and both of them falls in love with each other. Raju observes that something is going between their grandparents and he decides to solve the problem. So he and Nitya finally makes some plans to make the whole family as one. Did Raju succeeded in explaining the whole thing and did he won his love.? For all these things you have to watch the whole family drama on the screen.


Sharvanand: Sharvanand once again proved that he could play any character with ease and relaxed attitude. He was well set for the character. He played the role of Raju, son of Naresh who always follows his grandfather’s steps and cares for him. Even in the emotional scenes also the output is excellent. Sharvanand is one of the versatile actors who can play any character offered to him.

Anupama Parameswaran: She played the role of Nitya granddaughter of Prakashraj and Jayasudha. She had the fresh face and became one of the pluses for the movie. Her acting and dances and the way she played her character was projected as she wants to prove herself that she has the capability of being a good actress. She used every opportunity in the movie to promote herself in a right way.

Prakashraj: He played the character of Raju Garu as the central head of the family. These type of rules are shared for him. So he did the justice to his role and put his effort for the better output. Though he has some dialogues, only the whole character is based on the emotions.

Jayasudha: She played the role of Prakashraj’s wife, and she resembles the mother of all the present generation whose children studying at abroad and doesn’t have time to meet their parents and she has shown the suffering and the pain where everyone can see the character in their daily life. She has played the character in such a way that it doesn’t seem like cinematic but as the real one.

Naresh had done his part as a village guy who always works for the family and is loyal and has created some humor in some scenes.

Indraja after a long gap has played some decent character as the daughter of Prakash Raj and Jaya Sudha. She lives at abroad and has no time to meet their parents. She makes her presence felt in the movie though she has small character.
Other characters have done their job and did what could have been done by them.

Technical aspects:-

Direction: – Satish Vegesna is the director of this movie. Though his previous movies didn’t show up well this time also, e has chosen the same old routine family script with slow narration and doesn’t have many twists. The text is old, but with some fresh breeze, it makes us watch it because of the cast he was chosen and their performances. The dialogues are also not up to the mark they are just simple and regular. The screenplay is OK.

DOP: – Sameer Reddy has done some decent and nice job. He showed the locations beautifully which we have seen previously but in some different way. Even in the songs also the photography is good.

Music: Mickey.J.Mayer is the music director of this movie. The music is ok, but the background score is good for the film. Two songs are excellent. Nilavade song from Balu reminds us the old type melody. But some songs tells us the old songs of Mickey and will look like they have the same tune. Overall these songs will be like already heard songs.

What’s good: Actors performances are good in this movie. Sharvanand and Anupama Parameswaran chemistry worked well. Even their acting is a plus for this film. Photography is also good. Background score is OK.


What’s bad:  

The story narration is slow. It is the routine old story which we have watched several times in some of the movies. The director choosing this type of script shouldn’t expect much or else he should write some interesting twists with some humor text, and there should be more emotional scenes. The second half is also dragging.

What should’ve been done:
These type of family movies all look alike, but the director should take the care that it should be presented in a different way in which the audience may feel that there is something new in the movie with the fresh subject and different approach. If one doesn’t have that feel, then you are failed with your attempt. This could have been better if the director doesn’t mold it in a routine way. Though the cast is excellent, the scenes are in the same old type only.

Final verdict:

This movie is the old wine in a new bottle. Though it can be one-time watch the story tests our patience and who are much involved with family sentiments and emotions may get connected with this movie. Especially this generation grandparent may face the situation shown in the film. So for this Sankranti, we cannot expect much from this movie as the Chiru and Balayya movies have got some positive response.



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