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Tom Hanks’s Telugu connection

Rana Dubs for Tom’s role of Robert Langdon for the Telugu version of Ron Howard’s Inferno

Gone are the days when we used to make fun of English to Telugu dubbed movies because of the accent and difficulty in understanding and finding the correct dialogues for the Hollywood films. There are several reasons.

  • Movie content is already better, so producers not concentrated on the dialogues.
  • Only graphical films dubbed into Telugu.
  • No scope for better dubbing as people used to ignore the importance of dubbing.

Now the time has changed, and people started caring for the dialogues also. So to cater the interest and needs of such audience producers taking enough care to reach the audience. Now audience also changing their benefits and giving importance for films like Inferno too. In other words, producers want to make the audience with all types of Genres.

So Producers started hiring famous artists for dubbing. Recent Jagapathi Baus dubbing for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG is an example. Now Rana Dubs for Tom Hanks in Inferno.
Ron Howard’s Hollywood film, INFERNO, is gearing up for its release in India on October 14, two weeks ahead of its US release. Apart from English, the film is getting a big release in India dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. But here’s the exciting news! The boiling and rugged Baahubali star Rana Daggubati will be lending his voice for the Telugu version of Inferno, as the voice of Tom Hanks.


Rana, who has been busy shooting round the clock for Baahubali 2 in Hyderabad, saw a particular cut of the film and immediately decided to come on board. He dubbed for Tom Hanks’s part over three days; every night post packs up at Ramoji Rao Studios.

Speaking about his association with Inferno, Rana says, I’ve enjoyed all of the Dan Brown’s books and have enjoyed the portrayal of Robert Langdon particularly on screen. Tom Hanks is a legendary actor and to be a part of his legacy in this way made for an exciting partnership of sorts. More so, this film Inferno is quite significant for us in India because it celebrates the power of the Indian market for global players, given that they are releasing it two weeks ahead of the US. For me, I will be able to look back and feel proud of having memorable characters like Bhallaldev and Robert Langdon to my credit in the same year (smiles)” 

Inferno is released by Sony Pictures Entertainment across India in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on Oct 14.



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